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"I cannot recall another time when I actually received thank you notes from employees expressing appreciation for the wonderful workshop. Your message was very inspiring as noted in the participant comments to you as well ss the comments I and other members of TCC's mgmt have recieved."

Larry Ketchum, Tri-County Community Action Director of Operations



          I'm Dr. Karen,  a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Ordained Minister - Advanced Board Certified in Marriage & Family Therapy; Child & Youth Therapy; Temperament Therapy. Certified in Dual Diagnosis with Addiction; Group Therapy; FasterEFT; and NLP. Additional training in Grief & Loss; Weight Loss, and Hypnotherapy. 

          I created the BrainRetrain method, a novel approach to healing. 

This dynamic neuro-plasticity based method is a natural, drug-free approach that can

assist you in relieving symptoms associated with Depression; Anxiety; PTSD; Chronic Weight; 

Chronic Illness; Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; Eating Disorders; Cutting and Self-harm;

Fibromyalgia; Food Sensitivities; Grief/Loss; Chronic Pain; Insomnia; Financial Lack;

Spiritual Emptiness; Addiction; and even Narcissism.


         The reason this approach is effective across so many conditions, is because all of 

these conditions are related to Chronic Stress Response. Chronic Stress occurs when we have the repeated or ongoing experience of something or someone triggering a negative, painful or disempowering thought, emotion, belief or memory, often on an unconscious level. Much of the time, we aren't even aware of our triggers, much the less the beliefs we blindly accept as truth, such as "I'm not worthy; I don't deserve it; I don't belong; I must work hard for success; God is angry at me; I am rejected; I am unloveable; or I must be perfect." These are just a few of the beliefs that spark a painful or negative emotional response, such as anger, depression, anxiety, or sadness. These emotions can also motivate behaviors like overeating, or relationship sabotage. Do you ever do something and then think, "Why did I do that? I swore I would stop," but it almost felt like you had no control, or it seemed like such a good idea in the moment?


        Our beliefs create our thoughts, and our thoughts activate areas in the brain that stimulate the release of chemical messengers. These messengers signal the release of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenalin, glucose, and insulin. These chemicals remain in our bodies because most of the time we don't run away or fight off an outside danger. The enemy is within. That's why exercise is so effective at reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and a host of other issues - it reduces stress chemicals! Without regular exercise, or even better - eliminating the unconscious resources for feeling so stressed out - stress chemicals remain in our bodies, sparking inflammation that, over time, can damage our systems, organs, and overall physical well being. Chronic Stress Response also leads to weight gain, insomnia, and impaired mental health. When these past events are really traumatic, we can be triggered in many ways and by many people in a debilitating way, and we call that experience PTSD.


     If you have suffered with unwanted emotions, beliefs or memories for longer than two weeks, and would like real help, and lasting change at the neurological level, please set up a free 15 minute consultation call, to see if BrainRetrain-ing is right for you. Soon, you will be using the method yourself, dealing with new stresses and irritating people without the need to see a counselor or coach because you've learned how to let go and move on.

        That's the other difference in my approach - I don't create career clients. My job is to help you heal, then teach you how to heal yourself. In the future I can provide occasional support, or help with a new painful event that feels like more than you can handle in the moment, but my goal is for you to no longer need me because you have learned to help yourself.

                                                                          Get in touch today to begin.  

      What is Brain Retrain based on?

I began refining this method began while completing my Ph.D. as well as ongoing training in new methods and techniques including: Biblical Counseling; Process Healing Method; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; EFT/EMDR/FEFT; Memory Reconsolidating; Neurolinguistic Programming; Hypnotherapy; Reality Therapy; Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Logotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Grief and Loss Therapy, Group Therapy, and more. 


      Am I a Christian Counselor?       

I believe and follow Jesus Christ. You do not need to have any particular spiritual beliefs to benefit from counseling. I am here to support and facilitate the changes you desire in any area of your life.

Key verses that support Christ-focused counseling include:

        Romans 12:2 which reminds us we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

        2 Corinthians 10:4-5 which tells us we must capture our thoughts and make them obey the Truth, & we must demolish mental deception and break down harmful attitudes, and we can even be spiritually empowered to do so!

        and John 5:6 which shows us we have to be willing to heal, to let go of our past identity


     I promise to support you spiritually. If you've got issues with God (or people in the church who hurt or disappointed you) this is a good place to safely deal with what happened, back then. If you are not ready to go there, we'll go to what and where you are ready to be free from right now. Remember, what you don't let go of today, you get to keep...


                                                                        Schedule a FREE 30 minute call, 


     Jesus Messiah approached a man who had been laying in misery for 38 years. He asked him one question: "Do you truly want to be healed?"  What Jesus might have meant was, are you ready to let go of the identity you have formed by being (your problem here)?  To heal, it has to have become more painful to stay the same than to begin to change. We have to be more afraid of where we've been than where we might go. That man was healed that very day. It's your turn.





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