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I specialize in areas in which I have both personal and professional experience.

Knowing what it's like to have been depressed, anxious, stressed, to have suffered from PTSD related to abortion and an abusive narcissistic relationship, been overweight, grieved the loss of children and other deep relationships, learned  food addictions and unhealthy patterns with alcohol  -  I get it.

Having healed my own past enables me to make a real connection to my clients that is guided by my professional expertise and education, as well as my relationship with the Holy Spirit. I became unwilling to live my life in pain and I have found joy, blessings, and abundant life! Join me here, it's a wonderful place to be!

Depression, Anxiety & PTSD

In 2008.... my recovery began.  I began to realize that nobody was going to change my circumstances, except me. No one was going to save me, give me permission to help myself, to take a day off, to set boundaries, and create peace inside of me.

My process started with one small change, one action that started a chain reaction. And part of that chain was learning how our mind, body, and spirit interacts in ways that heal us, or hurt us further. 

My depression, anxiety and PTSD experiences came full blown as a result of marital dysfunction, however the roots went further back, to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that if not healed, would have resulted in more of the same, no matter who I was married to.

There are no life sentences, this is not your fate no matter what genes you inherited, what you have said or done, what patterns you saw modeled,

how you interpreted your model of the world, and

how even you vibrate or energetically express at the

atomic level (for my quantum physics friends). 


You can heal, I can heal, we can all heal.

Weight Loss, Addictions, Fitness Psychology

After 8 kids, including 5 of those pregnancies within 6 years.... I was overweight. I was in pain, and I was tired emotionally, mentally, and physically. Can you imagine??

In 2008 everything changed when I accidentally discovered how to heal myself.


While I hadn't yet learned what I know now, I still wrote a best selling book about my process, Effortless Weight Loss: Small Changes That Lead to Extraordinary Results!

Years later I am still 5'3 and I still consistently weigh between 105-115 lbs. I have developed a love for many ways to exercise and enjoy food in a natural and healthy manner. I no longer procrastinate with my health - I've become fit and healthy inside and out. I feel great in my clothes - in fact, I keep just one size in my closet - not skinny, in between, and fat!


Chips, chocolate, pizza, burgers and fries, are options, not opportunities for a feeding frenzy. Why? I eliminated the subconscious triggers and

beliefs that were driving my eating and exercise

behavior. Alcohol is no longer a learned way to have

fun, de-stress, or cope.


The truth is that alcohol trains your brain to be

unable to cope, unable to sleep, & unable to rest. So, where is the fun in that? 


Fun is way more fun when you are being who you are, instead of trying to get a feeling you want to have, or get away from a feeling you don't want to have!

Grief and Loss Including Abortion

I am well acquainted with grief, loss, and even abortion. My grandparents, motherfiancé, and two children have died.


The abortion I experienced in 1999 led me to make a different choice in 2004 when many doctors pressured me to abort another child, due to birth defects. My son did die, as we all do at some point, but not in the way the doctors predicted and not due to my own belief that I had no other choice.


If you are suffering extended grief I can help you keep the love and let go of the pain; keep the wisdom and the gift of the relationship, and take that with you. 


If you have experienced abortion, regardless of the reason, or why it was a choice you believed necessary for you at that time, you may be experiencing stress, traumatic anxiety and depression, suicidal thoughts, or extended grief.

If that is you, I understand, and I want to help.


I work with any negative experience or memory, at any age,

so that you gain peace and wisdom, and let go

of the pain, shame or blame.

You may also contact me if you are interested in "Surrendering the Secret" a support class for those who desire to heal emotionally from their abortion experience or who may have

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS).


Symptoms of PASS may include any of the following that continues beyond 2 weeks:

  1. Guilt 

  2. Anxiety

  3. Numbness 

  4. Depression

  5. Flashbacks

  6. Suicidal thoughts


Contact me about "Surrendering the Secret: Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion" classes  


Classes available online or in person near you

Abuse & Narcissistic Relationships

I spent nearly 21 years married to a very unhappy man. I experienced verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse and manipulation. For the sake of my kids, I won't go into specifics here. I was physically intimidated and dialed 911 many times in order to get him to leave the home, when I was afraid for myself or my children.


I stayed for many of the same well-meaning but mistaken reasons you might: 

  • believing the abuse was not "bad enough" or "frequent enough" to warrant leaving or prove to my family, church, or friends that it was truly abuse

  • believing I was helping my kids by keeping our marriage together (which for me, until he made it unbearable for my kids, was reason enough)

  • believing his occasional apology or of saying he wanted to change, equated actually taking action towards changing (it does not)

  • believing his claims that his mother and every other woman in his life had damaged his self-esteem, cheated on him, abused him, etc. and that I could finally be the one who could give him that love he lacked

  • becoming addicted to the high of his praise                                                                                          (love-bombing) and wanting to believe "Dr. Jekyll"                                                               was my real man, not "Mr. Hyde"


I incorrectly believed it was my duty as a Christian wife to

continue with a man who professed to follow Jesus Christ, without recognizing that faith without the working of the Holy Spirit as demonstrated by changes in behavior, beliefs, actions, speech, or interest in any involvement in church, over 21 years, is not genuine conversion.  They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. (Titus 1:16)

The blessing is that since this relationship contributed to every one of the issues that I now help others with, it actually gave me many gifts now that I am on the other side, healed and whole. 


It was God who asked me to trust Him, and set the boundaries, with consequences, that provided the way out. As I trusted God and changed my life, I realized modeling spiritual and emotional strength to my kids, and enforcing unbreakable boundaries with my former husband, was the best thing I did for my children, bar none. They were already amazing kids, but they have flourished and our relationship is stronger than ever. Yours can be, too.

Eating Disorders, Cutting, Self-Harm

Anorexia, bulimia, cutting and other forms of self-mutilation are becoming more common, beginning around the age of 11 and often continuing into adulthood, if no emotional healing occurs.  

These behaviors are often associated with feelings of shame, self-hatred, blame, and a desire for control or perfectionism. Sometimes they are a means to break through emotional numbness or to demonstrate how bad it really is, in an outward way. Regardless, these behaviors all have a root in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) that resulted in deep embarrassment, shame, and ultimately trauma.

Adults who see their value in their weight or fitness level may resort to weight-loss fasting, over focus on exercise or the scale, or even throwing up, when they violate their eating rules or to regain control. Been there, done that.

I also have experienced how one moment of

healing makes all the difference - so that it is natural

and normal to love myself, and see myself as

beautiful and worthy of love...right now.


It all goes back to what happened, back then, even if you don't even know what it was that happened or how it affected you back then.

I work with pre-teens through adult ages and my methods work.

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