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Upcoming Events

July 22, 2021

Karen is speaking to

"Girls are Gifts"

at Spruce Hill Park,

Alexandria, MN

from 6:30-8:30 pm. 

Pre-teen girls and their moms are invited to this inspiring talk about The Seven R's of Brain Retrain.

Hosted by Spirit Life Church

4 Core Choices

What are the 4 Core Choices we make in life that determines our level of satisfaction? It's time to

1. Choose to live a life I love (purpose)

2. I choose to live a life of health 

3. I choose to love and be loved

4. I choose to generously prosper and give


It's time to let go of the past that keeps holding us to false beliefs like I am unlovable, I don't belong, I can't heal, I can't lose weight, or there's never enough money.  Eliminate all the unconscious resistance to the life for which you are designed! 

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James Malinchak

Co-author Chicken Soup for the College Soul, two-time College Speaker of the Year, Founder of, and featured on the ABC hit television show, Secret Millionaire.

If you are ready to positively transform your life, then absorb Karen's simple, yet powerful strategies!

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Two Men Shaking Hands

Larry Ketchum

Tri-County Comm. Action Director of Operations

"I cannot recall another time when I actually received thank you notes from employees expressing 

appreciation for the

wonderful workshop! Your message was very inspiring as noted in the participant comments to you as well ss the comments I and other members of TCC's mgmt have recieved."​

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Pregnant women in yoga class

Allyson Lundeen & Sandy Palo

Teen Moms of Morrison County Co-Directors

You had their attention from beginning to end, sharing from your life experiences with confidence and enthusiasm. Your easy informal style drew the audence to you and promoted inspiration to our young women. We were very pleased and highly endorse you as a speaker!

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