A.T. - California

Dr. Liddell is a miracle worker! My daughter has suffered with major depression, seizures, suicidal thoughts, and massive anxiety for more than 10 years. We have tried everything to help her. I even took her to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix! No one really knew what to do with her. In just a few sessions Maggie has overcome so much! I have my daughter back! Complete joy is what we feel! Thank you Dr. Karen!

Teresa Baca, MN

Karen is an excellent counselor and therapist, she helped me through some very difficult times. She gave me some great tools to use on my own whenever I need to deal with something. Her methods have been very effective and life changing for me. I highly recommend her!

Beth Kendall, MA, FNTP, Minnesota

Karen changed my life in just ONE session! She helped me resolve a decades long pattern of insomnia and I've been sleeping great ever since. Truly grateful for her gifts, she's an amazing practitioner!

Lourdes C.

Working with Karen is a delight and a surprise! She welcomes you with a friendly smile and once she gets started it is Game On - I never know how she'll come at me during a session because she has an instinct to "roll with it" and I'm on the receiving end. I no longer fear addressing the negative memories or feelings that come up during a session because Karen's confidence and trust in her skills is infectious. She gets me back on track!

Nichole - Minnesota

Dr. Karen has done more for me in the sessions I've had with her than years of therapy for past trauma and months of intensive treatment for an eating disorder.  I finally feel like I'm getting myself back-the "me" that's free from fear and anxiety.  God is working through Dr. Karen in a huge way, transforming my mind in a way I didn't think was possible anymore, and I'm so thankful to the Lord for leading me to her. 

Pam Parton

Residential Real Estate Broker, Short Sale Specialist, Corporate Mobility Specialist, Cert. Negotiations Expert 

Charlotte, NC

Karen has that special style and personality to help you help yourself. Never judgmental, always caring and very in tune to whatever you are needing her help with. She provides a warm and genuine response that lets you know she truly cares and can provide the help and direction you need. I always call on Karen when I need advice, she is one of the kindest and smartest people I know!

C.K. Minnesota

I cannot explain the un-heaviness I no longer feel. Never in a million years did I think I would ever look back with compassion and forgiveness. That along with all the other stress and physical/emotional/mental pain in my life seems on such a different level. Thank you so very much for your assistance and I know where to turn, should I ever get into this horrible state again or am looking for a simple tune up. With Deepest Appreciation, which words cannot come close to explaining! 

Anita Trieweiler

Dr. Liddell’s therapy is so incredible. She has helped heal both of my daughter’s issues. I praise God for her daily.

L.C. - Washington, D.C.

As a fellow practitioner, Karen is one of my go to's when I need to do some personal inner work. She skillfully weaves techniques together in a way that allows for effortless inner discoveries. You know how sometimes you think you know the root of your problem, but you realize you really don’t? Well, through my personal sessions with Karen, she helped me understand the links between my emotional eating and the childhood grief of the death of my father. I highly recommend Karen!

N. B., Tennessee

Karen worked with me on my frantic-ness around not missing out...She helped me to see memories differently so that now shopping is just shopping. It no longer equals love or connection. I can connect in healthy ways and shop when I need something. How do I really know this process helped? Over Black Friday weekend I did not shop frantically!  I actually pulled out my creative project (weaving) and worked on that. The peace is amazing!  It’s not that I just stopped doing something, it’s that I replaced it with something I wanted more - contentedness. UPDATE: Months later, this happy client remains free - "Shopping is just shopping."

J. L., San Diego, CA

One session with you gave me a thousand times better results than I have had with all the other traditional methods. You're fantastic!


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