Sessions & Packages

Counseling, Life Coaching, and Transformative Mind Renewing sessions using techniques highly effective for PTSD; eating disorders & self-harm; addictions of all kinds; financial and career limitations; weight-loss; depression & anxiety; grief; recovery from abuse and narcissistic relationships; conflict resolution and... anything else you are ready to change!

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Pre-Marital Sessions: 

If you will spend money on your wedding, will you invest in the success of your marriage?

For eutaptics® students only: coaching or ULP sessions

Counseling or Life Coaching for Individuals, Couples, Youth or Families

A.P.S. Temperament Profile, Reports, & Session 

Package of 3-12 Neuro-Transforming 


Online Group Coaching

  • Neuro-Transformative sessions focused on changing self-limiting beliefs on the sub/super conscious level

  • We improve beliefs all people share including, love, abundance, belonging, provision, connection, confidence, etc.