Invite Dr. Karen to speak

Dr. Karen is an energetic, dynamic speaker, best-selling author, and

Bible-teacher. She frequently speaks at church events, healing conferences,

athletic groups, women's groups, corporate gatherings, and more. Her

presentations are insightful, interactive, and filled with personal anecdotes and

humor. Her common sense and down-to-earth approach to Bible revelation is

simple to understand, and put into practice. Dr. Karen expects healing and

prophetic insight to manifest in every session! If you would like Dr. Karen to

speak or co-host your event, we'd love to hear more about it! The following

are host requirements:

  • The host is responsible for economy airfare and accommodations for Dr. Karen and her assistant (two bed, single room.) Dr. Karen's staff books the most economical direct flights and hotels (3 stars) and forwards necessary information to your contact person. The host reimburses for travel and hotel costs incurred at least 24 hours prior to travel to your event. If the event is less than 8 hours total drive time, the host will provide anticipated gas costs based on mileage to and from event and hotel costs.

  • The host provides airport pick-ups and drop-offs and transports the team to and from the sessions.

  • The host supplies volunteers to assist with worship, prayer, ushering, resource table, etc.

  • The host provides for the resource table in a visible, easily accessed location.

  • The host may video record Dr. Karen's presentation and will provide a useable copy to Dr. Karen.

  • Dr. Karen trusts the Holy Spirit to direct her host for her compensation for the event.