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“My job is to help you, and then teach you how to help yourself.” 

- Dr. Karen R. Liddell


  • B.A. and M.S. degrees in Clinical Counseling Psychology,  Valdosta State University, with additional coursework through the  University of Maryland, Asian Division 

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling, Colorado Theological  Seminary 

  • Biblical Studies coursework, Koinonia Institute 

  • NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor 

  • Advanced Board Certifications in Integrated Marriage & Family  Therapy; Child and Adolescent Therapy; Temperament Therapy;  Grief & Loss

  • Certified in Dual Diagnosis with Addiction, Group Therapy, EFT/ FasterEFT, & NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), with additional training in all forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, including EMDR, Gestalt, Family Systems, Logotherapy, REBT, Process Healing Method, and Memory Reconsolidation 

  • Professional Clinical Member of the National Christian  Counselors Association

  • Ordained Minister, National Association of Christian Ministers

  • Author of the best-selling book Effortless Weightloss: Small Changes that Lead to Extraordinary Results! (out of print), Brain Retrain:™ The How-To Renew Your Mind Guide, The Brain Retrain Gratitude Journal, and the blog,  Good Bible Study 


The Brain Retrain™ is a dynamic neuroplasticity-based method that is natural, drug-free, and easy to learn. It focuses on your brain’s ability to replace the pain of the past with updated and more positive information. As a result, you’ll feel better, make better choices, and feel less stressed.


This approach is effective across many problems because every problem is related to Chronic Stress Response (CSR). CSR occurs whenever something or someone triggers negative,  painful, or disempowering neural activity. It might be a thought, an emotion, a belief, or a memory, but you might not even be aware of it.


Of course, it can all happen unconsciously, but you’ll definitely be conscious of the results. In fact, you may wonder why you keep doing what you don’t want to do. 

Stress also releases chemicals meant to help you deal with a  threat, but they damage your body through constant exposure.


Brain Retrain™ relieves stress, allowing your mind and body to do what God designed - heal.  

While Brain Retrain™ does not replace or contradict appropriate medical advice, Dr. Karen can work alongside your medical provider to complement your care. 



Our memories hold the secret of why we believe God’s angry, or we’re not worthy, don’t deserve, don’t belong, are rejected, unloveable, or must be perfect.


They hold the triggers for anger, depression, anxiety, grief, guilt, shame, and sadness.


They motivate behaviors we don’t want, like addiction, overeating, and self-sabotage.


Brain Retrain™ teaches your mind to find and neutralize painful resources in your memories, then replace them with positive emotions, empowering beliefs, and practical coping skills.


You’ll keep the information, knowledge, and wisdom learned from your past, but it won’t hurt you anymore.


Brain Retrain™ also helps you transform everything stopping you from achieving all your dreams - including relationship, financial, spiritual, and physical goals.


Simple - I combined all I’d learned through university, seminary, personal experience, and post-graduate training.  

Dr. Albert Ellis, the creator of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, believed that our deeply held beliefs create our thoughts, which prompt feelings and motivate what we say or do in response. 

Neuroscientists have since revealed that our thoughts do motivate our emotions and behavior.


They also activate areas in the brain that stimulate the release of chemical messengers to either motivate more enjoyable behavior or heighten our response to emotional or physical threats.  

Recent work with memory reconsolidation has proved that we can revisit memories created from a child’s perspective and reinterpret them with the maturity of adulthood.


In essence, we grow ourselves up.


As a result, we stop living as if everything we learned to believe about ourselves, our worth, our value, our capabilities, and our future was true. We rewrite ourselves by rewiring our brains.


As I learned these concepts, I realized that everything the Bible says is true - it all starts in the mind.


Therefore, we must take every thought, be it an idea, a belief, or a memory, and transform it so that we stop believing lies and start living from the truth of who we are, what we are purposed to create, and how we are purposed to live.


We can be filled with peace and joy, even when things don’t work out as planned and people disappoint.


It’s not only possible; I’ll show you how.


If you're suffering from unwanted emotions, beliefs, or memories and would like real help and lasting change, please set up a free 15-minute consultation call to see if we're a good fit and if Brain Retrain™ is right for you. 


Once we deal with the problem, we’ll move on to discovering and creating your goals. Soon, you will be using the method to help yourself, but if you ever need backup, I’m here.


That's the other difference in my approach is that I don't create career clients.


I’ll help you deal with the big stuff and take the most important steps toward fulfilling your goal, then teach you how to use my methods at home.


However, I’m always available if you need guidance or additional training.


What is Brain Retrain™ based on?

Brain Retrain is based on the artful combination of multiple methods and techniques, spiritual insight, and personal experience.  

I developed it because I knew there had to be a faster, more effective way to help clients than talk therapy.


I wanted to discover a means to help clients, then teach them to help themselves.


I developed Brain Retrain™ after working in psychiatric and substance abuse facilities helping clients suffering from psychiatric diagnoses with addiction.


I primarily used the methods of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Reality Therapy, Logotherapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Grief Therapy.


After completing my Ph.D. in Christian counseling, I added  Temperament Therapy, enabling me to understand my client’s natural, God-given way of seeing the world plus their unique needs, challenges, and gifts.


With this insight, clients discover and genuinely accept themselves so that they can create relationships and careers that fit them well and enrich their lives. 


But I still wasn’t satisfied.


I needed something effective even with treatment-resistant issues like eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. So, God led me to exciting neuroplasticity-based methods focused on memory reconsolidation.


After learning how to use and then combine EFT, EMDR, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Dr. Garry Flint’s groundbreaking Process Healing Method, I created a program that not only I could use, but so can you.


Soon after, God asked me to write a book. I asked Him what to call it and this method. 


Brain Retrain™. 

Am I a Christian Counselor?       

I believe in and follow Jesus Christ. However, you don’t need any particular spiritual beliefs to benefit from Brain Retrain™



For those who don't want a spiritual focus, I utilize the secular aspects of Brain Retrain.™


I add prayer, Scripture, and spiritual support to those who want more. The point is I’m here to support and facilitate the changes you desire in any area of your life.

Key verses that support Christ-focused help include:



I promise to support your journey in the direction you want to go.


I promise to use my knowledge, gifts, and experience to help you release what you don’t want and have everything you do.


I’ll even help you identify what you’re ready to release and would truly love to have.


I promise to support you spiritually, meeting you where you’re at. I promise that if you've got issues with God (church people who hurt or disappointed you), this is a good place to safely deal with what happened. But, if you are not ready to go there, we'll go to what and where you are. 


Remember, what you don't let go of today, you get to keep...

For you to be willing to heal, it must become more painful to stay as you are than risk change.  

To succeed, we must be more afraid of where we’ve been than where we might go. 


When you’re ready to realize your greatest potential, to go on a journey of healing and transform, let’s connect. 

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